The new SIELKAS MkII dental aspirator device is characterized by the fact that can operate without the need for and external air compressor, it is capable of self cleaning, with low power consumption and low operational noise.

In addition, it offers high reliability, using as the main suction unit an electric pump equivalent with the ones used in the refrigerator apparatus, which can show mean time to failure (MTBF) figures in the order of decades.

The main structure of the devise including the cooling and protective subsystems and their interconnections, are covered in the Patent No. 1005961, issued by the Hellenic Patents Organization on 27 June 2008.

A modified version of this patent has been applied to the European Patents Office.

The proposed dental aspirator pump can cover the needs of the modern dentists for reliable continuous operation combined with low power consumption and low operational noise, featuring a bundle of the above advantages that existing competitive devices cannot offer.